Smeets Productions
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The best music selections and combinations by a varied repertoire, will guarantee a challenging stage act.

During a stage performance you can expect a selection of hits, added with new fresh songs.

Using an extended set list of all types of different music, we can always adapt and customize on every musical occasion.

The result is an evening full of atmosphere, ambiance and music; of course you can do your special request which will be played for you.

Set list


Play list

The music set list that will be played, is a selection of English and Dutch tracks, in a fresh lineup (medleys), keeping up with a wide range of songs; for instance beautiful rock songs and pop classics.

Depending on the evening type, we always make a special customized playlist for a broad audience.

Both new songs or well known and a party of hits.

In case you would like to know more in detail, just feel free to get in touch and contact us for more options.